Beverage Philosophy

Best Drink Specials Charlotte, NC

The Napa beverage philosophy is simple; elegant wines, beers and cocktails at approachable prices.  Our wine list is what we call Napa’s Top 100, a list of 100 great California wines.  The wines by the glass portion of the list is centered around our WINES ON TAP SYSTEM, the largest in the state.  A wine on tap system dispenses without the need for thousands of glass bottles. These costs savings are passed on to you - can be up to 20% less expensive than the same wine poured from a bottle. It is fresher and higher quality. In a keg system, the wine stays 100% fresh for months.  

We dispense wines on tap in 3oz pours, 6oz pours, 12oz carafes and 24oz carafes (same as a bottle).  Red wine is served at the correct temperature – 55 degrees. Ask your server about our Wines on Tap and taste the difference!

Wines on Tap Charlotte



Napa Technology is a system that allows us to dispense wine from bottles that are protected in a temperature and air controlled unit.  This is an ideal supplement to the tap system because it allows us to offer aged wines that would otherwise not be offered in kegs.  Rounding out the selection is 8 more taps dedicated to local craft beers from Charlotte area breweries.



Best Cocktails in Charlotte



One of the most recent trends in Napa, California is the movement toward BARREL INFUSED COCKTAILS.  We've infused domestic liquors with various fruits, herbs and spices. Napa makes 5 infused liquors from scratch and offers 5 unique specialty cocktails made from each infusion.  You may never go back to traditional cocktails again!